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The title of the 13th edition of Electropark RESONANCES recalls the sphere of sound and music. revolving around diverse fields from physics to chemistry, and refers to the effect of resonance, reverberation, amplification, oscillation and vibration of sounds, but also of molecules, energies, magnetic fields and more generally of actions. Unifying theme of RESONANCES are in fact collective practices: artistic actions that go “in resonance”, in the different disciplinary areas touched upon electronic music, visual arts, theatre, performance and dance.


Collective practices can be the basis of profound transformations in culture and beyond. Following   Nigerian curator and theorist Okwui Enwezor: “Collectivity performs an operation of irruption and transformation on traditional mechanisms and activities of artistic production which locates the sole figure of the individual artist at the center of authorship.”  


RESONANCES gives space to collective and collaborative practices, in the awareness that the various emergencies the planet has being going through in recent years – political, ecological, pandemic, humanitarian, economic, social (…)- confront humanity with the urgency of caring for the world and for other human and non-human beings, of entering into profound relationships, of imaging possible futures through actions that can resonate. 


The American feminist philosopher and theoretical physicist Karen Barad coined the term ‘intra-action’ to replace ‘interaction’, which conceive participation, agency, not as an intrinsic property that an individual or other being can exercise, but as a dynamism of forces in which all ‘things’ designated to act are in constant exchange and diffraction, influencing each other and working inseparably.  


As in the dancefloor, understood as a space for sharing: unique in creating favorable conditions for performative acting of mutual recognition without judgment and for creating interpersonal relationships through bodily movements that generate and propagate a synergy of forces in the surrounding environment, emanating a sense of closeness and belonging, protection and generalized solidarity, performativity without competition.

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