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Mathias Modica, known as Kapote, is the founder of the Toy Tonics label. With a long-standing presence in the music scene, he has built his name through a wild mix of funk, percussion, and rare grooves. Occasionally performing in special solo concerts, he always brings the infectious energy of Toy Tonics Jams.


Virginie, also known as Gee Lane, is a Venezuelan DJ based in Barcelona. Her career has been shaped by influences from funk, Latin, hip-hop, house, and jazz. Beyond being an internationally renowned DJ, Virginie hosts radio programs and has released EPs with Toy Tonics, demonstrating unparalleled dedication to quality music.


Toy Tonics, a label based in Munich, not only releases music by international artists on vinyl and digital platforms but also serves as the beating heart of events like the "Toy Tonics Jams", where artists like Kapote and Virginie perform, sharing a common passion: spreading positive emotions through authentic and quality music.

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