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Cult of Magic, an interdisciplinary research collective founded in Milan in 2017, enchants audiences with its extraordinary performances that fuse contemporary dance, music and performance into one fascinating show. Led by composer Francesco Sacco and choreographers and dancers Samira Cogliandro and Giada Vailati, the group is committed to creating productions that span a wide range of artistic contexts, collaborating with prestigious cultural institutions such as Triennale Milano, Museo Novecento Firenze and La Biennale di Venezia. Through a unique and innovative vision, Cult of Magic explores profound and universal themes, taking audiences on an exciting journey through movement, sound and light. With their unique artistic sensibility and their ability to transform spaces and contexts, the collective continues to astonish and inspire with engaging and unforgettable productions.

Their most significant works include 'Le Serpent Rouge', 'This is my body (another Ophelia)' and 'King Penelope', which have received wide recognition and have been performed in prestigious national and international contexts, from theatres to clubs, festivals to cultural institutions. Guided by the bold vision of their founders and enriched by the creativity of their collaborators, Cult of Magic continues to explore new artistic territories and leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene.

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