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FUCK!LACRÈME is a collective of 5 long-time friends, djs, and producers united by their passion for offbeat sounds and TR-808 basslines. Comprising Lorenzo Marfori, Marco Brena, Marco Migotto, Francesco Crovetto, and Andrea Greco, each brings a unique contribution to the crew, from beatmaking to mixing. With a style that blends influences from Afro-descendant music with the innovative rhythms of Chicago's footwork scene, they have released EPs such as "FLAC! Vol.1" in 2021 on Aeronema Records and "FLAC! Vol.2" in 2022 on Hyperjazz Records. In 2023, "BLOC CHAIN" was released on Beat Machine Records. Active on the scene with a monthly radio program on Radio Raheem, live performances, and cultural events, including a project with the Footworkology dancers from Chicago.

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